Treatment Options

Invisalign® & Invisalign Teen®

Invisalign® treatment is a custom-designed smile treatment that uses clear removable aligners. Invisalign treatment provides more: controlled tooth movements, comfort, smooth orthodontic treatment experience, and esthetics.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating braces treatment is an advanced technology system that reduces treatment time, the frequency of treatment visits, and friction (pressure on teeth). These braces appear similar to traditional braces, and we offer both metal and clear color options.

Early Interceptive Treatment

Early interceptive orthodontic treatment is a customized treatment for young children using fixed or removable appliances to redirect and modify bite and/or growth discrepancy, and control unfavorable habits (such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and mouth breathing). Early interceptive orthodontic treatment can start as young as seven years old.​

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are hidden braces placed behind your teeth. Though they resemble traditional braces, their position makes them “invisible” when you smile. Treatment and tooth movements are custom-designed for each patient. They offer the convenience of fixed braces with the esthetics of invisibility.